Treatments and Services The substances, medicines and procedures used in treatment;
Offered services:
  diagnosis of solid tumors
  medical oncology treatments - solid tumors - (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, TARGET therapy) - paid by the National Cancer Program
  external noninvasive loco-regional hyperthermia treatments with an EHY 2000 machine
  regular monitoring and controls of cancer patients
  symptomatic and cancer pain treatment


Hyperthermia as a cancer treatment is a noninvasive method with no side effects compared to other types of treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy).

Technology the equipment available in our facility is treats our patients with no sacrifice to comfort;
  Diagnosis - SIEMENS G50 ultrasound machine
  Cancer treatments - Victoria Hospital has excellent facilities for injectable cancer treatments:
          a chemotherapy room equipped with modern chemotherapy chairs;
          a computerized system for prescribing and administering of the medication regimes;
          employee protection equipment and patient medication quality safety;
          emergency assistance equipment.