Our patients

    any patient diagnosed with cancer can be taken out, evaluated, treated and monitored in our center.
    the patients that were diagnosed with cancer may come directly after discharge from hospital or referred by your doctor.
    if the patient isn’t registered at the Regional Cancer Registry, he or she will be registered our center, under the laws of Romania.
    we provide free services to insured patients of The National House of Health Insurance, up to the available funds limit.
    also uninsured patients, for a fee can receive our services.
    The Therapeutic Indication and Treatment Commission in our center is discussing the therapeutic strategy and treatment plan of a patient, together with the other specialists that treat the patient.
    our treatment standards comply with the European standards, according to the ESMO and NCCN guidelines.


    Offices for medical oncology and internal medicine consultations
    Imaging - ultrasound - Siemens G50
    Day hospital - treatment room - chemotherapy
    External noninvasive locoregional hyperthermia treatments (EHY 2000 device)



     Day hospitalization is a modern concept that, with advanced medical technologies can be applied across a range of medical procedures during a single day.
     The patient remains hospitalized from the morning until the afternoon, being subjected to a set of consultations, investigations and interventions for a diagnostic and therapeutic reason.
     The day hospitalization benefits cancer patients through integrated facilities of the hospital or facilities offered by collaborating with the partners of Victoria Hospital:
    laboratory – in collaboration with the Net Consult Laboratory
    radiolagy and medical imaging
    abdomino-pelvic and breast ultrasound
    CT and MRI examinations – in conjunction with EXPLORA SRL Laboratory
    hyperthermia treatments (non-reimbursed by the Health Insurance House)
    chemotherapy treatments or Target therapy
    interdisciplinary consultations, psychological support, etc.


     Victoria Hospital has 20 beds (reserves with 2 beds and bathroom, with modern facilities)
     The patients that require hospitalization and medical care can benefit from Victoria Hospital’s bed department in the continued hospitalization system. Victoria Hospital is currently in the process of contracting the Health Insurance House for permanent hospital services.